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Who is Jesus to Me

Who is Jesus to Me?

Jesus is the Son of the one true God who loves His Son very much. And yet His Father loves us so much that he sent His only begotten Son to die for us. (John 3:16) And yet it seems with all the lies that Satan has perpetuated, that people are questioning this and the hundreds of Scriptures that state ever so clearly that they are a Father and Son, and that there was a risk of eternal loss.


Yet this is the mindset Satan has successfully got people to take. There is only one way you can be a Father and Son. And that means that the only being that has always existed, and had no beginning is the one true God the Father. However, in a sense Jesus has always existed. But as God’s Son, he had a beginning and came from what is known as the days of eternity. The time before all things were created.

Consider the following. If we could travel at a septuagintacentillion times the speed of light in any one direction, would we ever find the end of the universe, like perhaps a wall with a sign saying this is the end? And if so, what would be on the other side of that wall? And what existed before God created all things through His Son? Was it nothing? And how long did nothing exist for if that was the case? It would have to be forever. And what about God, when did He begin to exist and who created Him? The answer is that there was never a time He did not exist and hence could never have been created. He is God and has always been and so is without beginning. And what about the Son of God who was born of the same substance of God? The same applies.

Since Christ is the same substance of His Father, then everything He consists of had no beginning. So His divinity had no beginning, His makeup; His nature had no beginning as it all came from the Father. So in principle, everything Christ is had no beginning. If you trace Christ back you will have to go through the Father and you will never get to a beginning. But His personality as the Son of God began when He was brought forth by His Father. So in effect it was only the personality of Christ that had a beginning.

And why should we care if He did? Does this make Him any less of a Saviour? He is God’s Son! So why do some insist on trying to make Christ conform to the image they have of Him before they will accept Him? They expect Christ to be a second god identical to His Father in every way and thus reject Him as being a real Son. And yet the truth of Christ being God's Son is so precious. Just think about it for a moment. Christ is God's very own Son whom He loves very much! Why would anyone desire to destroy this precious Father and Son relationship?

There is one being that desires to do this. He wanted to be worshipped like the most high and was jealous of God’s Son.

It is Satan!

His plan is to have us deny Jesus is the Son of God.

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