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What did the People Who Created the Trinity Doctrine Believe

What did the People Who Created the Trinity Doctrine Believe?

Starting with who created the Trinity doctrine…

ATHANASIUS brought in the 3 in 1 idea in 325 AD long after the Bible was written.

And what is now known as the THREE CAPPADOCIANS brought in the idea of the Holy Spirit as a third being in 381 AD also long after the Bible was written.

ATHANASIUS and the THREE CAPPADOCIANS came from the Alexandria catechetical school, which revered ORIGEN who applied the ALLEGORICAL method of explaining Scripture, which was influenced by Plato and its strong point was PAGAN.

“The Alexandria catechetical school, which revered Clement of Alexandria and ORIGEN, the greatest theologian of the Greek Church, as its heads, applied the ALLEGORICAL METHOD to the explanation of Scripture. Its thought was influenced by Plato: its strong point was [PAGAN] theological SPECULATIONS. ATHANASIUS and the THREE CAPPADOCIANS [the men whose Trinitarian views were adopted by the Catholic Church at the Councils of Nicaea and Constantinople] had been included among its members.” — (Hubert Jedin, Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church: an Historical Outline, 1960, p. 28)

The pagan idea of the 3 in 1 god from ATHANASIUS resulted from studying the works of ORIGEN.

“That being said, Athanasius is applying these standard arguments to a more highly developed NEO-PLATONIST PHILOSOPHY and a more cultural diverse society than any previous theologian had faced. Still, the INFLUENCE OF ORIGEN is felt throughout the work, particularly in Athanasius' opening statements about the existence (or rather, non-existence) of evil and the refutation of various dualistic cosmologies.” — (Jonathan Shelley, Critique of Athanasius Two Books against the Heathens)

So what did ORIGEN teach and believe whose teachings educated ATHANASIUS?

Origen wrote, “Could any man of sound judgment suppose that the first, second, and third days (of creation) had an evening and a morning, when there were as yet no sun or moon or stars? Could anyone be so unintelligent as to think that God made a paradise somewhere in the east and planted it with trees, like a farmer, or that in that paradise he put a tree of life, a tree you could see and know with your senses, a tree you could derive life from by eating its fruit with the teeth in your head? When the Bible says that God used to walk in paradise in the evening or that Adam hid behind a tree, no one, I think, will question that these are ONLY FICTITIOUS STORIES of things that NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and that figuratively they refer to certain mysteries.” — (Tadros Y. Malaty, Before Origen, p. 134)

Origen also “believed the Holy Spirit was a feminine force, that Jesus was only a created being and Gnosticism taught that Jesus became Christ at his baptism but that he was never God. He was a just a good man with very high morals. He believed in the doctrine of Purgatory, transubstantiation, transmigration of the soul and reincarnation of the soul. He doubted the temptations of Jesus in Scripture and claimed they could have never happened. The Scriptures were not literal. Genesis 1-3 was a myth, not historical or literal, as there was no actual person named “Adam.” Based upon Matthew 19, a TRUE MAN OF GOD SHOULD BE CASTRATED, WHICH HE DID TO HIMSELF. He taught eternal life was not a gift, instead one must grab hold of it and retain it. Christ enters no man until they mentally grasp the understanding of the consummation of the ages. He taught there would be no physical resurrection of the believers.” — (See Dr. Ken Matto, Origen's Gnostic Belief System)

Origen's beliefs clearly indicate that he was a Gnostic Greek Philosopher and not a true child of God. It is these insane beliefs that brought about the Trinity doctrine!

The above is very brief information to prove a point. There is an abundance of history and evidence that reveals the Doctrine of the Trinity emanates straight from the dunghill of Roman decretals. Its origin is pagan and from Satan so he could achieve worship and have us deny Jesus is the literal Son of God, thus preventing entrance into the kingdom. It is philosophy, vain deceit and man's tradition. It denies Jesus, preaches another Jesus, another spirit and another Gospel.

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