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Was LeRoy Froom the Main Person Responsible for the Change of the SDA Church

Was LeRoy Froom the Main Person Responsible for the Change of the SDA Church to the Trinity Doctrine?

So how did the central doctrine of the Catholic Church end up as a doctrine of the Seventh day Adventist faith? It may come as a surprise to many that LeRoy Froom was primarily responsible for introducing the Trinitarian doctrine to the Adventist Church, and purposefully set about to promote its acceptance and institute it into the beliefs of the Church.

LeRoy Froom set out to search over 100,000 pages of her writings (25,000,000 words) for anything that could be mistaken as being Trinitarian and managed to find a small handful of quotes that he rightly figured could. He then placed these quotes into his book Evangelism. Most think that the quotes called “EV” or “Evangelism” are from a book written by Ellen White. But it was written and compiled by Froom in 1946 which was 30 years after the death of Ellen White.

With the intent to deceive, Froom placed these quotes from Ellen White in his book Evangelism where she had said “third person”, “three great powers” and “Heavenly trio” etc. But all of these in fact refer to the Spirit of Christ and not another being. This is how Froom eventually managed to lead the entire Adventist Church astray because people did not take the time to research what else Ellen White wrote in this regard. She in fact wrote non-Trinitarian statements right through to her death which is very easy to confirm if people would only take the time to look without prejudice.

Looking at all her writings we find she was consistent in all that she wrote.

She said the Comforter is the Spirit of Christ,

the Spirit of truth is the Spirit of Christ,

the third person is the Spirit of Christ,

the third great power is the Spirit of Christ,

the Holy Spirit given at Pentecost was the Spirit of Christ,

the Holy Spirit Jesus breathed on His disciples was His own Spirit,

the Holy Spirit Christ sent to represent Himself was His own Spirit,

the heavenly dignitaries are the Father, Son and Spirit of Christ,

the Heavenly trio is the Father, Son and Spirit of Christ,

and she reveals over and over again that there are only two beings.

All you have to do is want the truth and to stop reading the quotes from LeRoy Froom with the mindset of a Trinitarian. The early pioneers had no problem with these few quotes that Froom searched for because they knew who the Holy Spirit is and would never read them the wrong way. But if your belief is that the Holy Spirit is another being, then that is what you will see when you read them.

It is also notable that LeRoy Froom did not start with the Bible and then move on to the writings of Ellen White. Instead he did the exact opposite. He actually began with the writings of Ellen White in order to try and find support for his belief. The fact is that Froom's belief in the trinity and the Holy Spirit came from outside of the Seventh day Adventist faith, and he set out to try and support it with statements from the Spirit of Prophecy. The reason LeRoy Froom had to go to outside sources, rather than use writings from our Pioneers is because none of the early pioneers were Trinitarians and therefore did not agree with Froom's opinions. This is also why Froom had to wait until Ellen White and the pioneers had all passed away before he could try and achieve his goal. How could this be a greater light as they called it a hundred years later?

“I was compelled to search out a score of valuable books written by men outside of our faith--those previously noted--for initial clues and suggestions.” — (LeRoy Froom, Movement of Destiny, p. 322)

In his book “Movement of Destiny”, which was published in 1971, he tells us how he came to write about the Holy Spirit and believe in the trinity. How much of what he wrote is truth as he understood is unknown considering other facts. He states that what he calls the “Truth of the Trinity” was an inevitable evolution in our theology stemming from the 1888 Conference and message. He concludes his brief account by claiming that the book “The Desire of Ages” presented an “inspired depiction” of the trinity doctrine and because of this it has become our denominations' “accepted position.” And yet the Desire of Ages is filled with non-Trinitarian statements.

LeRoy Froom boasts that the “Desire of Ages” was even publicized in a prominent Catholic journal. Here are his own words, “...The Desire of Ages, of course, presented an inspired depiction, and was consequently destined to become the denominationally accepted position.... The Desire of Ages.... is one of the most highly esteemed books of the Denomination-a recognized classic, even publicized in such a Catholic journal as the “Universal Fatima News” for September 1965.” — (Movement of Destiny; pp. 323, 324). As a professed Seventh day Adventist, why would he be so proud of its endorsement and publicity in a Catholic Journal? That is what you would expect from a Catholic, not an Adventist.

The video Jesuits in the SDA Church has a testimony “alleging” that LeRoy Froom and Roy Anderson were seen working as Catholic Priests before entering the SDA Church. This would explain Froom's enthusiasm about the Catholic journal. Then we have the issue of the book Truth Triumphant written by Adventist theologian Dr. B.G. Wilkinson. This book is an exhaustive study of the history of God's Church in the wilderness and contained statements against the Catholic Church. Froom was angry about the book and ordered the destruction of the offset press plates so the book could not be reprinted. Wilkinson was 80 years of age at this point and could not afford to have the plates made again. Why would an Adventist do such a thing unless of course he was a Catholic? Something is very wrong here and I am inclined to believe the testimony.

On the 14 December 1955, Leroy Froom in a letter to Reuben Figuhr wrote, “I was publicly denounced in the chapel at the Washington Missionary College by Dr. B. G. Wilkinson as the most dangerous man in this denomination.” This took place in the mid 1940's. I believe Dr. B.G. Wilkinson had very good reason for saying this, much to the disgruntlement of Froom.

Note that the “old timers” described in Froom's letter below are our pioneers. They are the ones who knew what the Church believed while Ellen White was alive and they denied the doctrine of the trinity Froom was pushing. So who was left to oppose Froom once Ellen white and the pioneers had passed on?

“May I state that my book, The Coming of the Comforter was the result of a series of studies that I gave in 1927-28, to ministerial institutes throughout North America. You cannot imagine how I was pummeled by some of the old timers because I pressed on the personality of the Holy Spirit as the Third Person of the Godhead. Some men denied that –still deny it. But the book has come to be generally accepted as standard.” — (Letter of LeRoy Froom to Otto H. Christensen, Oct 27, 1960)

The following letter from Froom reveals his agenda was to try and convince others that Ellen White was a Trinitarian for the sole purpose of getting the Church to follow his direction. Here is the letter to Roy Allen Anderson revealing its intent and purpose. The abused and misunderstood quotes from Ellen White are still being used to pervert the truth today.

“I am sure that we are agreed in evaluating the book, Evangelism as one of the great contributions in which the Ministerial Association had a part back in those days. You know what it did with men in the Columbia Union who came face to face with the clear, unequivocal statements of the Spirit of Prophecy on the Deity of Christ, personality of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, and the like. They either had to lay down their arms and accept those statements, or else they had to reject the Spirit of Prophecy.

I know that you and Miss Kleuser and I had considerable to do with the selection of these things under the encouragement of men like Elder Branson who felt that the earlier concept of the White Estate brethren on this book Evangelism was not adequate.” — (Letter from LeRoy Froom to Roy A. Anderson, January 18, 1966)

Froom found “every” major statement from Ellen White that could be abused and misunderstood which means he literally had to look at everything she wrote. Could he be so deceived that he could not tell the difference between a non-Trinitarian and Trinitarian statement? Highly unlikely. He had no trouble finding every single statement that could be misunderstood so he had to know the difference. That means Froom saw the tens of thousands of non-Trinitarian statements that she wrote throughout her entire life. And he would also know that she wrote non-Trinitarian statements right through to her death. So LeRoy Froom had to know Ellen White never became a Trinitarian. How could all that he did not be intentional?

Ask yourself what the following points reveal about LeRoy Froom and his agenda:

1) He looked to sources outside the Adventist Church because he couldn't find anything within our writings to fit his agenda.

2) He searched 100,000 pages (25,000,000 words) of Ellen White's writings for anything that could be misunderstood.

3) He wrote his book Evangelism after a trip to the Vatican in which he placed the misunderstood quotes he found.

4) When Adventists use these quotes they almost always have Froom's book as the source and yet he did not write them.

5) Hence most Adventist Trinitarians believe that Evangelism was written by Ellen White further revealing the deception.

6) Froom boasted that the “Desire of Ages” was even publicized in a prominent Catholic journal.

7) He wrote that the Desire of Ages was an inspired depiction of the trinity doctrine and why it is now accepted by the Church.

8) Yet the Desire of Ages is a non-Trinitarian book proven by all the non-Trinitarian statements again revealing the deception.

9) Froom wrote a letter stating that the pioneers in their old age strongly opposed the trinity doctrine that he was pushing.

10) Froom had the printing plates of a book destroyed that was not his that revealed many truths about the Catholic Church.

11) It is “alleged” that Froom was seen functioning as a Catholic priest prior entering the Adventist Church.

12) Dr. B.G. Wilkinson publicly denounced Froom as being the most dangerous man in the Adventist Church.

13) Froom wrote a letter stating how he was able to change the Church by the Spirit of Prophecy quotes he searched for.

Ellen White said serious error would be brought into the Adventist Church after her death and Revelation 12:17 states that Satan would make war with God's remnant. So how far can and would Satan go? Could some Adventist Pastors have the spirit of Satan while thinking they have the Holy Spirit? Most would say no.

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