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The Sabbath School Lesson Is Lying to Us




When we grieve the Holy Spirit, whose Spirit do we grieve?

NOTE:::Your soul depends on knowing this truth!

(Please note that I am an Adventist and my intention is not attacking the Church but to wake up Adventists to save souls and restore the truth God gave His remnant)

The Sabbath School lesson for March 13th says, “Read Ephesians 4:30. Here Paul uses an imperative and admonishes us not to grieve the Holy Spirit. What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a personal being, not just a divine force. That is why He can be grieved.”

Sounds believable but is it right? This is what the satanic doctrine of the Trinity teaches but it is NOT correct!

Please allow me to give proof from the words of Christ through His prophet to show we are being lied to since a Jesuit brought the Trinity doctrine into the SDA Church.

First, the Holy Spirit is NOT a personal being. A spirit is a spirit, NOT a being. A being has a spirit and the Holy Spirit belongs to the Father and Son. The Bible says “Spirit OF God”, NOT “god the spirit.”

And no, it is NOT a divine force. This is said to try and discredit those with truth, yet this is another lie as those with truth do not teach this at all.

What does Christ say through His prophet? Is it a being? A force? NO! It is the PRESENCE and POWER of GOD Himself!

“In giving us HIS SPIRIT, God gives us HIMSELF,” — (E.G. White, 7T 273.1, 1902)

“The DIVINE SPIRIT that the world's Redeemer promised to send, is the PRESENCE and POWER of GOD.” — (E.G. White, ST, Nov 23, 1891)

NOT a force!

The Holy Spirit is the mind, POWER AND PERSONAL PRESENCE OF THE VERY LIFE OF GOD that the Father sends through His Son to us.

Or to put it another way to make sure this is clear; the Holy Spirit is the presence and power of the Father manifested through Jesus Christ, His only begotten son. This is not a separate person of the Godhead who is being sent, it is the very life of God coming to us through His Son.

Ellen White wrote it this way…

“They were two, yet little short of being identical; two in individuality, yet ONE IN SPIRIT, and heart, and character.” — (E.G. White, YI, Dec 16, 1897)

“The Father gave his Spirit without measure to his Son, and we also may partake of its fulness.” — (E.G. White, RH, Nov 5, 1908)

“The Holy Spirit, which proceeds from the only begotten Son of God,” — (E.G. White, RH, April 5, 1906)

And so she wrote:

“We want the HOLY SPIRIT, which is JESUS CHRIST.” — (E.G. White, Lt66, April 10, 1894)

“but it is the leaven of the SPIRIT of JESUS CHRIST, which is sent down from heaven, called the HOLY GHOST,” — (E.G. White, Ms36-1891)

“The HOLY SPIRIT is the SPIRIT of CHRIST, which is sent to all men to give them sufficiency,” — (E.G. White, 14MR 84.3)

And so when we grieve the Holy Spirit, whose Spirit do we grieve?

Is it another being as the lie we have been told to match the satanic doctrine of the Trinity a Jesuit brought into the SDA Church or is it the Spirit of Christ?

“O, HOW WE GRIEVE the pure, HOLY SPIRIT OF CHRIST with our defiling sins! We are not prepared for the appreciation of the holy communion with Christ and with one another unless we are cleansed by his efficacy.” — (E.G. White, RH, July 5, 1898)

So when we grieve the Holy Spirit we grieve Christ Himself as it is His Spirit.

For another example. Daniel wrote: “I Daniel was grieved in my spirit...” Daniel 7:15

Who was grieving? Another being or Daniel himself?

IT WAS DANIEL! NOT another being!

Make no mistake, we are being lied to. This is supported from the words of Christ through His prophet above. These are not my words. You either accept the above info as truth or you have to call Christ a liar as these words come from Him.


NOTE: God raised the Adventist Church as non-Trinitarian. The Trinity doctrine was slowly brought into the Adventist Church long AFTER the death of Ellen White and the pioneers by a suspected Jesuit who is also a known Freemason.

The idea of the Holy Spirit as another being was Satan's idea so he could get worship for his creation.

The real truth is that the “Holy Spirit” is the power and presence of God and of Christ which can function independently of themselves like a third (but not a literal third) and is how “They” represent “Themselves” where they are not personally present.


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