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Most Have No Idea What the Trinity Doctrine is and Why it Results in Hell Fire

Most Have No Idea what the Trinity Doctrine is and why it Results in Hell Fire

The majority of professed Trinitarians have absolutely no idea what the Trinity doctrine actually is. And when some find out, they are so shocked that they go into denial and say, “That is not what I believe!”

If you do not believe the facts stated below, then you are NOT a Trinitarian! And if what you follow differs from what is explained below, then it is NOT the Trinity doctrine! It does not matter whether it be the SDA Church or any other Church. There is only ONE Trinity doctrine and it does not come in different flavours.

The Trinity doctrine says there are THREE LITERAL GODS that are equal in every way and that all THREE gods have always existed. THREE gods that are co-equal and co-eternal in other words.

But now we have a SERIOUS problem because the Bible says there is only ONE God.

SATAN via the Catholic Church says NO PROBLEM…I have just the answer to keep all deceived. We will teach that all THREE GODS are really only ONE GOD!

1 + 1 + 1 = 1 !

THREE LITERAL GODS that are not really 3 GODS but 1 GOD. Make sense? No! Why should it? It was made up by Satan via the Catholic Church so Satan could get worship and have Christians deny the Father and Son and not even know it !

Satan HATES the SON OF GOD and wants us to deny Him. Not only that, but we can only be saved by confessing that Jesus is the Son of God. So how does the Trinity doctrine deny the Father and Son and give worship to Satan?

If they are 3 gods that have ALWAYS existed, Jesus cannot really be a SON and therefore God cannot really be a FATHER.

And so the Bible now has hundreds of lies! More unmistakable Scriptures are denied then any other doctrine EVER ! And yet people just go on blindly believing that it is right. Like lambs to the slaughter as they say.

So God is not the Father of Christ and Christ is not the Son of God says the Trinity doctrine!

Every Scripture that says Jesus is the Son of God is now a lie. Every Scripture that says God is the Father is now a lie. How many Scriptures suddenly become a lie?....“HUNDREDS!”

The Bible says Jesus was God's Son before He came to Earth. The Trinity doctrine says No!

The Bible says Jesus is the Son of God. The Trinity doctrine says No! He is just ROLE PLAYING.

The Bible says God is the Father of Christ. The Trinity doctrine says No! He is just ROLE PLAYING.

Where is there ONE Scripture that even hints they are not really a Father and Son and that they are ROLE PLAYING?


The Bible says the Holy Spirit is the “Spirit OF God” or the “Spirit OF the Father.” The Trinity doctrine says No! It claims it is something called “god the spirit” which has a different meaning and does NOT exist in Scripture but came from antichrist !

So instead of the Holy Spirit being the SPIRIT OF THE FATHER, it is now some third god called “god the spirit.”

And if “god the spirit” is Satan's idea and his creation…what spirit do you have in you? And what spirit do you give your adoration to? And what spirit do you worship or pray to for those who are now doing that also?

It will be SATAN !

The third person in the Trinity is actually Satan, not the real Holy Spirit !

Christians need to wake up before it is too late.

The extract below is from a mainstream SDA book. Adventist Woodrow Whidden says that expressions such as “Father,” “Son,” “Firstborn,” “Only Begotten,” “Begotten,” “the only true God” and “one God the Father” are just figurative and metaphorical. Now where is there even a hint in Scripture that this is so?

“Is it not quite apparent that the problem texts become problems only when one assumes an exclusively literalistic interpretation of such expressions as “Father,” “Son,” “Firstborn,” 

“Only Begotten,” “Begotten,” and so forth? Does not such literalism go against the mainly figurative or metaphorical meaning that the Bible writers use when referring to the persons of the Godhead? Can one really say that the Bible writers meant such expressions as “the only true God” and “one God the Father”…” — (Woodrow Whidden, The Trinity, p. 106, 2002)

A metaphor did not send a metaphor to save us. A Father sent us His Son to save us. (John 3:16)

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