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Who was Right, the Early SDA or the Current SDA

Who was right? The Early SDA Church or the Current SDA Church.

The well-known Adventist Trinitarian Jerry Moon who was a co-author of the book “The Trinity” wrote,

“That most of the leading SDA pioneers were non-Trinitarian in their theology has become accepted Adventist history,”

He then goes on to say,

“either the pioneers were wrong and the present church is right, or the pioneers were right and the present Seventh-day Adventist Church has apostatized from biblical truth.” — (Jerry Moon, The Trinity, Chapter, Trinity and antitrinitarianism in Seventh-day Adventist history, p. 190)

Sadly, the latter is true. The present Seventh-day Adventist Church has apostatized from biblical truth.

Ellen White wrote this at least 11 years after it was claimed she had become a Trinitarian.

“And now, after half a century of clear light from the Word as to what is truth, there are arising many false theories, to unsettle minds. But the evidence given in our early experience has the same force that it had then. The truth is the same as it ever has been, and not a pin or a pillar can be moved from the structure of truth. That which was sought for out of the Word in 1844, 1845, and 1846 remains the truth today in every particular.” — (E.G. White, Letter 38, 1906)

It was in this three year period that the pillars of faith were established.

So more than 11 years after she supposedly became a Trinitarian, she states that the truths established in these first three years remained the same in every way still in 1906.

So this is a declaration from her that the non-Trinitarian view they held in this period is still truth in every particular.

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